Holistic Medicine to Restore your Gut Health and Boost your Immunity

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All Diseases Begin in the Gut

 - Hippocrates 

Are you experiencing Heart Burn, Acidity, Bloating, Constipation?

Are you suffering from symptoms of IBS, Leaky Gut or GERD? 

Is Anxiety/Stress affecting your digestion or bowels?

Are you looking for natural ways to restore your Gut health?

Most people suffering from digestion and gastrointestinal problems are looking for effective and natural ways to manage the symptoms. 

So we designed a unique programme to help and support you, starting with a detox plan, personalised diet and nutrition plan and individualised treatment with natural remedies.

Benefits of Restoring Gut Health 

Reduced Inflammation & Pain

Enhanced Resilience to Stress & Anxiety

Stronger Immune System & Better Energy

Reduced Seasonal Allergies

Hormone Balance & Better Moods 

Improved Absorption of Critical Nutrients

How it works

Three Simple Steps

Fill the Health Questionnaire

Click on the icon to start. Complete the health questionnaire. This will help us focus on your health concerns and to create an individualised treatment plan.

Book a Consultation

Book a one-to-one consultation and get started. You will recieve a Zoom link for the consultation which can be accessed from virtually anywhere. 

Join the Tribe 

Have questions, want to share progress or looking for some motivation? Join the private group on Facebook for ongoing support. You can also join our monthly newsletter and sign up for free quarterly health webinars. 

Treatment that Focuses on your Goals 

  • Introduction to Homeopathy and how it can help your health problems

    15 min

  • Homeopathy treatment that is individualised using natural remedies.

    1 hr

    £130 $180 €150
  • Introduction to Nutrition and creation of a tailor-made nutrition plan

    1 hr

    £100 $150 €120

** Please note I have limited new client appointments available. 

You will be added on the waiting list and notified once a slot opens up. 

Client Stories

I was looking for natural ways to manage my IBS symptoms, as the medication I was on was constantly making me sick. I have been seeing Saroja for over 6 months now and her treatment plan helped me immensely. In the last 2 months, I have had no digestive problems and have more energy and better sleep. 

- Michelle, 48

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